Monday, 2 August 2010

Thing 17 - podcasts

Woops - have started to run behind.

Podcasts are wonderful. I've had a listen to the BMJ ones giving some comment on the current events. They sound really good so have subscribed.

The Cambridge podcasts were interesting - just wish I made more time to listen to them. It's great to here the world's movers and shakers debating on"What future life on earth". The pictures were pretty ropey but it was produced in 2006. I love the podcasts on "Cambridge ideas" - and particularly like the "Bird tango"

I think I could spend many happy hours listening to them.

Yes, very useful for the clinical students - but not that obvious in the mass of other information on the ERWEB site.

Re other medical practitioners - surgeons watching complex operations, (before trying them out!) is an obviously useful feature of podcasts. Ditto showing good techniques when consulting with patients.

Applicability to our library - well induction podcasts are the most obvious possibility, but could also put basic training in the use of reference tools on . It all depends on time and possible take-up.

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