Thursday, 22 July 2010

Maps Thing 18ish

What fun - could stay on this all day.

However, 19.6 miles between my home and here (Cambridge), for some reason the AA didn't like the end of our hospital postcode - wierd and probably me.

Google street map - yes I can appreciate the privacy angle. However, they haven't been created in real time, so burglars can't check when you're in or out. I loved the Streetview, which I haven't tried before. So useful if your in a new place. Intend to play with it world wide. Photos must've been taken when the whole family was out working - no sign of any cars. Hmm, Amazed that it had some photos of our tiny village. It did find the middle of a road junction in West Road for the UL, but can't win them all -guess it was the postcode.

I thought the TED video was amazing - so useful and interesting. Open Street map is such a good idea with the local folk having the ability to edit it. Very useful for the planners too - (have forwarded it to older daughter to see if Brent is up with it). I think it's a wonderful tool and well-worth collaborating. I liked the bus stops and particularly the cafes!!

I think both the Google street maps and Open Steet Maps have their place - it just depends what you need. I reckon the cycle map must be really useful

I had a quick try at creating a map with a local walk -could spend many happy hours. I hope it's embedded itself here. I thought I might try a footpath, but time is wizzing on so had better stop. It seemed fairly strightforward, except the route I was trying to set up kept moving the markers. I think this may be a home project.

View Walk around Ashley in a larger map

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Follow that reader - Optional extra

Can't find 2,3, and 9.

Suspect 5 is "MRCPH part2, data interpretation questions."

...a challenging reader - great!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Thing 13 and 14

No problems with the logging in on the laptop - either in the library or in the hospital.

I'm not keen on ipod touch - didn't find it intuitive - how did I know how to get up the Querty keypad!? Anyhow, with help from both Connor and Jenni I'm happy to say I won in the end. Am also not keen on the tiny keys - my peasant fingers don't fit on them properly and misspelling passwords is a pain. I guess I might stay a luddite with this one - would prefer something bigger - sign of my age!

Thing 15 - NHS Reforms

Thought I'd better add something topical and sensible. ...Also up-to-date!

Thought I'd also add a link to this one:- should you want to make your own soloar panel. I used Google to find this and tried another couple of sites. However, in one I was bombarded with adverts - which I haven't had on YouTube. - Mayhap it's 'cos I haven't used it much. The YouTube videos look better and they also link from Google videos. -Quite fancy making my own panel for the greenhouse heating.

Finally, my favourite singer:-

I could spend a long time on YouTube....

Hey ho - iprocurement training online calls!

Gorilla librarian

I couldn't resist this one!! Just like our selection interviews isn't it?!

The insulting librarian

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Used the "Follow That...Reader" to scan - but should've added more colour. Dead easy - helps if you remember to save as .jpg and not other variations.
Much easier than double-sided copying!! No I didn't do it right first or second time - am now up to speed!

Friday, 2 July 2010

wikis are wonderful!

Wikis are wonderful - and very useful.

Yesterday I set one up for our family party in 2 weeks time. To avoid having 20 bottles of Pimms, (fairly typical of everyone choosing booze,) I decided to create a wiki so everyone could note down what food they'd bring and we wouldn't end up with a glut. It took less that 10 minutes to set up from scratch on Jeff's email and we've already have a couple of answers. In fact it worked out just as shown on the video Isla recommended about wikis.

The food and drink list has been edited and added to by different members of the family and we can all see it . It's easy to share and saves loads of emails.


Staff manual here we come!

The Mouse that cried

Try out Friendfeed. - One of Isla's suggestions from the conference yesterday.

I signed up and found a goody because I had a pet mouse that cried - yes it was male. Yes it was on its own. My mother, being a sucker bought it a little female and.... 3 months later there were 60 or so mice in our outhouse. Now I've discovered why it cried!! - Good old Snowy!

This is what it smells like when mice cry
June 30th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A pheromone in the male mouse’s tears causes a positive sexual response in female mice who smell it. The neural pathway was meticulously mapped in a study published today in Nature. Females ready to copulate arch their back and pose their behind when the pheromone, ESP1 is secreted. Females not ready to copulate usually just run away.

Pheromones in tears may have evolved because tear fluid lingers in the fur, and female mice often groom the faces of other mice. Crying for sex does not work in humans though, as quite a few of us know.

Haga, S., Hattori, T., Sato, T., Sato, K., Matsuda, S., Kobayakawa, R., Sakano, H., Yoshihara, Y., Kikusui, T., & Touhara, K. (2010). The male mouse pheromone ESP1 enhances female sexual receptive behaviour through a specific vomeronasal receptor Nature, 466 (7302), 118-122 DOI: 10.1038/nature09142t