Thursday, 17 June 2010

Things 8-10

Here we go with Thing 8. I never give myself time to arrange my bookmarks. I started to make folders once, but it became too time consuming and I couldn't be bothered. Please ignore all duplicate entries.

That's not why we're doing it anyway. Yes, easy to bookmark on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla. Really too easy - if I'd had to think about it I'd 've put them in folders and been tidy. (possibly) As it is - if I can't find something, then I just look it up again and bookmark it. Maybe I'll rationalise it sometime. Watch for flying pigs. Hope we aren't being marked on style!

Thing 9. That was last week. Can I remember it? Oh yes, -but it doesn't fancy uploading here -- yup - do I have to do another blog? No. It's uploaded at the opposite end of the blog. Nil desperandum. Well this is Thing 9. I was going back to front- (started at Thing 10) - so what's new? Yes, I could remember this - easy to use and useful. Admittedly, I've done it before, but it posed no great problems. Of course - it's not a share - like delicious, but it's quick and easy. Not sure why this has been part underlined - inanimate objects 15 Collins 0.

Basically, 'cos I'm idle, I find the conventional bookmarking easier than using delicious. Having just spent a while on it - possibly not helped by using Internet explorer - which I found didn't support Bookmarklets on delicious. I was still able to bookmark, using the copy and paste option, but it wasn't the method I wanted. Later I used Firefox and bookmarklets. Hurray - it worked!

You can see how I'm moving towards a "food/cake" theme! Quelle surprise! How about a library book cake Isla?!

Yes, delicious would be very useful for groups of people in one area of research to share useful sites with similar tags. The lack of a thesaurus would worry me - too many synonyms etc. Am not keen on finding my way thro' free text - there are too many possibilities.

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  1. talk about setting a challenge! a library book cake... hmm I'll see what I can do!

    know what you mean about idleness getting in the way of using new tools - once you've got a system it's easy, its just getting (or changing an existing but not as good as it should be) that's the hard bit.